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People wear face masks for a variety of reasons including health, environment, occupation, and self expression! I wear them primarily for the lattermost reason (well, when I feel brave enough). I think they make me look nice :-)

Also this site needed more content.

Shops marked with an ☼ are ones that I've personally bought from!


A Hem for Hope

Chronically Brave | Site

Julie's Things

Kreations by Kerah

Lovable Lagomorph Crafts | Site (I know the owners personally and they're both wonderful people!)


OBG Designs

Ohana for Emily


Silly Grin Studios

That Electric Touch


A Note on Ebay Sellers

It is possible to buy masks from sites like Ebay, Wish, Alibaba, etc, however it can be riskier. Many masks sold on these places ship from China and Japan so the sizes may run small. Plus, materials are not always listed and different sellers will use the same photos so it can be difficult to tell the quality of the product. At this point I’ve only ordered from Ebay once and am happy with my purchase, but I wanted to give people a heads up.

Masks can be listed as: face masks, fashion masks, dust masks, allergy masks, medical masks, and surgical masks.