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Useful/interesting things I've found over the years

Alterhuman, otherkin, fictionkin, therian, etc.

Alt+H - Alterhuman education and outreach

Alt+H on Tumblr

House of Chimeras - Features a glossary, resources, scholarly articles, etc.

Beyond Humanity - Has a pretty extensive resources/links page

Animal-hearted links

Creative tools

Onelook Reverse Dictionary

Dictionary of Unusual Words

Behind the Name

Cool Last Names

Collection of Unicode symbols

Homestyler - Room/floorplan designer

Mideval Bestiary

Generate a color palette from an image

Paletton - Color palette tool

Gradient generator

ColorHexa - Web color tools

Egg a Zyoutatsu - Pose tool

Height comparison tool

Waifu2x - Resize images

Ezimba - Online image editor I used to use all the time as a kid

Tile backgrounds, not for commercial use

Transparent .pngs - One, two

Image Glitcher

Flag Maker


Zalgo Text Generator

More text generators

Mr. Doob - Neat graphics and interactive stuff


Powder Game 2 - Physics simulation with different materials

Musical Squares

Wintercroft - Low-poly masks you build yourself

Space Email

Japanese emoticons

Furry and postfurry

Postfurry Worlds

Postfurry wiki


LGBTQ America: A Theme Study of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer History

Short history of the term "bisexual"

The Definition of Bisexuality (According to Bi Organizations, Activists, and the Community

CenterLink - Find your local LGBT center

World Professional Association for Transgender Health

A Comprehensive Defense of Trans People

Genderqueer.me - Formerly Neutrois Nonsense

The Asexual Agenda



Lauren Bousfield


Seeming (formerly Thoushaltnot)


Nostalgia and old web

Lists of codes (some are NSFW): One, two, three, four

Light in the Loafers - Geocities graphics archive

GifCities - Geocities gif search engine

Bonnibel's Graphic Collection - Not really old web but I wasn't sure where else to put it

A.N. Lucas's 88x31 button Collection

----[ + Valley of Nightmares + ]---- - An old Pokemon fansite I used to visit

Starlightmks - A site with graphics and music that I used to put on my profiles

Quizilla - There were so many Naruto quizzes and I took all of them

Teripets - A petsite I used to love

Magical Menagerie Laboratories - Adoptable site that was a big part of my childhood circa 2007-2010

Hidden Crossroads - MML's roleplay forum; I spent so much time on here! It's still up on Tapatalk

Lands of Evelon - Another adoptable site that I didn't spend much time on (never joined the foums) but I remember it fondly