Sometimes I write things, usually about myself and my experiences. I originally put my work on Dreamwidth but I'll be archiving stuff here too. A fond memory of mine is exploring people's personal sites and reading their own essays on species identity and such, so I wanted to recreate that a little.

Dates are in (MM.DD.YY) format.


(02.21.20) Forest Spirit Awakening - On my early experiences trying to explore, and come to terms with, being not-entirely-human. Feat. forest spirit.

(10.20.19) Voluntary, Involuntary, and Nonhuman Identity - Some thoughts on how my spirit and alien identities have both voluntary and involuntary aspects, and how this affects me.
- - - (02.07.20) Addendum: Rabbits and Further Thoughts

(12.27.18) Tiger-Forest-Spirit - How my identity as a tiger and my identity as a forest spirit may be the same thing.


(01.11.19) Phils Primer - An introduction to phils, an alien race from Oban Star-Racers. Will be periodically updated with new images.