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Apex Altra, Finch, Cynocephaly + some others

22 | She | ♏ | 2D > 3D

Faceless alien | Tiger-shaped forest spirit | In the Pokemon world

Bio student | Artist

When I was a kid I thought I was an alien cat inside a human body and things haven't changed too much.

I've always wanted a website like this and now I have one! This is my personal site and doesn't really serve a specific purpose; I'd like to put all sorts of stuff here.

Decode my furcode: [under construction]


aliens, animals, anime & manga, art, biology, cartoons, conservation, costumes, cozy, fantasy, furry & postfurry, guro, horror, link hoarding, masks, monsters, mythology, nature, parasocial, plants, plushies, psychology, science, science fiction, sensory, sexuality, silicone, space, speculative evolution, thrifting, weird sea critters

(A pic of me by Toby)