About Me

Name: Apex Altra
Age: 24
Gender/species: Some forest spirit in the shape of a woman, mink jill, tigress. She/her.

I’m an artist and a biology M.S. student living in the Eastern US. When I was a kid I thought I was an alien cat inside a human body, and things haven't changed too much. In general I think I'd look better without a human face. I enjoy exploring the intersections of species, gender expression, and sensory experiences that can't normally be encountered in this reality.

If I were to date my myself via the Internet, I’d say that I fondly remember the AOL dial-up noise, but I never created a Myspace.

As a kid I was playing Neopets, watching Naruto, pretending Pokemon was real, and getting up to no good online. Virtual pet sites led me to Proboards roleplay forums and adoptables, and I was eventually (also with help from Furcadia) introduced to furry culture. The rest is history. As you could probably guess from the Naruto thing, I also like anime and manga a lot. Over the course of my internet life I've jumped into many different fan-bases, mainly anime ones, and have been involved in a variety of fandom and non-fandom personal projects on the web.

Furry and anime have been my creative lifeblood since elementary school, so that's primarily what I draw. I first delved into digital art around 2008 and got my first tablet a few years later. I love the idea of making stories with my art, although I've only just begun to properly dive into that. When I'm not drawing or writing, my "day job" as a student involves working with plants.

My favorite...

General Monsters, aliens, masks/costumes, furry/postfurry, sci-fi, fantasy, selfshipping
Anime/Manga Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Hunter x Hunter, Mahoutsukai no Yome, Bungou Stray Dogs, Oban Star-Racers, Soul Eater, Psycho-Pass, Studio Ghibli, lots more
Games Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Minecraft, Zoo Tycoon, virtual pet sites
Music A little bit of everything
Misc. Media SCP Wiki, McElroy content, novels by Ian McDonald
Animals Tigers, binturongs, vultures, owls, pterosaurs, rays/skates, whale sharks, cephalopods, leeches
Plants Fairy lanterns (Thismia), sunflowers, moss
Colors Green, pastels, jewel tones
Other Conservation, cozy, guro, horror, HTML/CSS web design, link hoarding, mythology, nature, plushies, psychology, science, sensory, silicone, space, speculative evolution, thrifting.