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(A pic of me by Toby)
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Hello, I’m Apex Altra (a.k.a aepaex, cynocpehaly, some others) and when I was a kid I thought I was an alien cat inside a human body. Things haven't changed too much.
I take many shapes, mainly: Human, Faceless Alien, Tiger and/or Forest Spirit, and Immortal Doe. In general I think I'd look better without a mouth.

I was born in 1996 in the US, and my first big foray into the internet was early-mid-2000s Neopets. This led me to a myriad of petsites (like Wajas and Teripets), which in turn led me to Hidden Crossroads and other online Proboards roleplay forums. I never actually roleplayed much. I was probably pretty bad at it, too. Shortly after I was introduced to the furry fandom, for better or worse. I'm a 🐾huge furry 🐾and have been for the past ~11 years but don't get around too much (I don't even use Telegram). I spend most of my time in the postfurry circle.

I was raised on a steady diet of Pokemon (anime, TCG, games, merch, etc.) and would rather live in that universe than anywhere else. Pokemon is pretty much the only reason why I own any video game consoles. In 4th grade I started watching advertised-as-anime anime, and by anime I mean Naruto, of course. After Toonami came Funimation; things went downhill a few years later because Hetalia fanart was the reason why I joined Tumblr in 2011. I’d be lying if I said that Tumblr wasn’t a formative part of my life, but I try to stay out of the politics of that site (and social media in general) nowadays. Over the years I’ve moved through different fandoms and different blogging projects, from a Hetalia-themed advice animal clone, to a rainbow blog, a mythology blog, coding themes… Now my sideblogs are pretty much just Oban Star Racers-related because that’s been my main fandom for the past 6 years. Can you guess who my favorite character is?

I’ve been drawing ever since I was a kid. I doodled all over my worksheets in school and used to make little comics/storybooks for my parents. At some point in middle school, I got an overpriced tablet (I just use a monoprice now) which allowed me to delve into digital art. My extant galleries date back to 2014 but I've got a few older, now-deleted Deviantart accounts under my belt. Furry and anime have been my creative lifeblood for years now, so that's primarily what I draw. I'm also slowly getting back into making comics. Academically, I’m a biology student and am interested in working with many forms of life. Or no life at all. I graduate this May and afterwards I would like to cease existing.

Other interests include: aliens, animals, cartoons, conservation, costumes, cozy, fantasy, guro, horror, link hoarding, masks, monsters, mythology, nature, parasocial, plants, plushies, psychology, science, science fiction, sensory, sexuality, silicone, space, speculative evolution, thrifting, and weird sea critters.

I've always wanted a website like this and now I have one! This is my personal site and doesn't really serve a specific purpose; I'd like to put all sorts of stuff here.